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HTML Tutorials : Changing Text


As a new beginner in the HTML world, you have mastered a few bits and pieces regarding how to write in HTML while at the same time properly utilizing tags, elements, and attributes using out HTML tutorials – and that is a good thing, but we aren’t done with this stage yet.

Do you not want to know how to manipulate the texts you have typed beforehand? Of course you do, who wouldn’t want that flashy bold text shown on a webpage? Yes, this Learn HTML series will highlight the Heading Commands. As you may have realized by now, Heading Commands are extensively used in any HTML documents. There are six levels of heading commands, aptly named <H1> through the <H6>. Before we go further, as per usual we are going to give you a little HTML advice and when it comes to Heading Commands, we stand by our statement that there are only 6 levels of it. However, a few browsers have recently added <H7> and <H8>, just so we are clear, please note that either of these aren’t a part of the HTML standard, so use it with caution. Now to make things a bit easier for you to understand, see the following example and explanation:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>It’s my first ever webpage</title>



<h1>It’s my first ever webpage</h1>


<h2>What is this about</h2>

<p>A page used to show example</p>


<h2>Why is it needed</h2>

<p>So you can understand better</p>



Need some HTML beginner tips to make sense of the above example? Don’t worry. Let’s start with the fact that h1 tag, as opposed to the h2 tag, is only used once. This is because h1 tag is used as the page’s heading, and obviously there can only be one heading of the page. However, when it comes to h2 through h6, they can be used often as long as it’s in the proper order as they are intended.